Page-based tabs

How you get tabs in Blogspot

Short answer (2014): the Gadget called: Pages (should have been called Pages Menu)

Want more detail?

I wanted to help a friend add a top menu to her blog, linking to pages for her bio, published works, gallery, etc. She uses Blogger. I wondered: Is it possible in blogspot blogs at all? If so, how; and if so can one of these menu items be a label?

One answer I found (from 2012) was out-of-date; so I've resorted to playing around in my own old little blogspot thingy here.

How it's done:

  1. In your blog dashboard, go to Layout.
  2. Under the header, click add gadget.
  3. Scroll through the gadget list to "Pages" - it can display the "list" horizontally, as tabs
  4. Configure "Pages" by checking the pages you want to include in your menu
  5. To add a menu item for a set of posts carrying a label, click "Add external Link", title the page (keep it snappy but meaningful), then find the URL for the label and insert as Web address (URL)
  6. Similarly, you could include the URL to any of your other social media pages. I must see whether I can add my Rebelmouse.
There you have it.


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