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Something useful: “A deployment strategy for maximising the impact of institutional use of web2.0”

Chess set at Ryde Library. Photo taken 10 July 2012 during ALIA2012 tour

Are books likely to be useful for INF206?

The book publishing process is so slow compared with the rate of change in the world of social media technologies that I do not figure finding much of current practical value from books. However some information specialists suggest that books published some time after an event can offer depth, expansion, detail and analysis (University of Illinois Library, 2010). With such hope I focussed my search on books published as recently as possible.

-"book review"

As diplomacy is so time-consuming, I shall refrain from whole-book reviews in the course of this subject--unless I stumble upon something startling. If I comment at all on a book in this 'learning journal', it will be on stuff I find useful - ready to be applied.

This I can use - concerns and how to manage them

From the notes I took, Kelly's (2010) chapter "A deployment strategy for maximising the impact of institutional use of web2.0" jumped out at me as being specific and practical. Kelly listed eight IT department concerns (p. 105); succinctly described six risk management approaches (p. 110); provided a risk assessment toolkit (p. 116) and a risk/opportunity management framework (p. 117).

Fresh in my mind were lessons from the introduction of Open leadership. Within the example of Red Cross and Hurricane Katrina, Charlene Li (2010, p. ix) identified the importance of persistently and patiently addressing executive fears and concerns.  I want to get back to see if I can get specifics on any that might differ from IT concerns, and check whether they require different management approaches.

Because pictures are more interesting...

I have been trying to find an image that conveys deployment strategy without competitive/destructive overtones... any suggestions?

A TV top battlefield: Toy soldiers deployed around an overturned jeep. By Darcy (2007)
Kelly, B. (2010). A Deployment strategy for maximising the institutional use of web2.0. In D. Parkes and G. Walton (Eds.), Web 2.0 and libraries: impacts, technologies and trends (pp. 95–122). Oxford: Chandos.
Li, C. (2010). Open leadership : How social technology can transform the way you lead. Hoboken: John Wiley and Sons.
University of Illinois Library. (2010, March 3). The information cycle. Retrieved July 21, 2012, from

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