Monday, February 06, 2012

Will I like my Xoom?

I do hope so... it cost enough - and will cost more over my two year data plan! It was time to bite the bullet: the only way I could properly explore the mobile/handheld experience would be to try it. Too many options and none of them, by reviews, perfect for all that I wanted one to do.

I want *one* mobile device - not 3 or 4.

New functions desired

  • let me read and annotate digital papers and books in bed
  • capture voice notes
  • easily sync the above and much of the following with my PC for those functions (extended typing) for which a PC is more comfortable.
  • capture and interpret QR codes
  • do all the wonderful things librarians anticipate people will do with mobile devices (which are?)

To replace my phone it would, ideally:

  • ? let me send text to someone else's mobile device
  • ? let me make a call -- I'm told this may be possible through Google Talk or Skype?
  • :-( let me receive text messages (even if to gmail) -- apparently it can't
  • :-( let me receive phone call -- apparently it can't
  • ? provide easy to set, loud remindering

To replace my camera it would, ideally:

  • take good photographs
  • upload easily to the places I use photos: Flickr, Blogger

So now I have a Xoom, although I'm still miffed it doesn't have mobile phone service after all, only mobile data. After worrying about the security-risks of tying it in to my email address; and an excess of legalistic Terms of Service (what are tricks are being pulled in all that legalese?)... I wonder what to try first?

Okay, *after* taking photos with front and back cameras, getting frustrated at how long it took me to discover how to remove a widget from the desktop, wondering what image to place as background, adjusting the time settings, trying the built-in alarm sounds, unsuccessfully looking for my cotton gloves and using my cotton poncho instead to prevent finger prints...

What do I do next?

Update: Have downloaded Dropbox and Evernote apps.

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