Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hoping to interview JJ Drinkwater: Planning preliminary research

I'm a dreamer. 2-365I'm a dreamer. 2-365 by Chelseaography. CC: BY-NC 2.0

Today, I finally tagged as questions I would ask a page that has been hanging around in my open tabs for goodness knows how long:
So, its 2.5 years since EppieBlack interviewed JJ Drinkwater and I'm wondering whether any of JJ's views have changed since (at the time he had been through 3years conversation about libraries roles in SL)?  For example: Does he still think that SL is a good environment for making collections accesible - interest-wise and creating inspiration? How does he evaluate the success of an event and/or an exhibit?  On what does he currently invest his time in SL now?  They touched on qualitative measures ("use a lot" - which?) and what is not possible to count/track - has any of that changed?  He mentioned building the online catalogue (and I recall being impressed recently, must look again) - has that been worthwhile, what was most important with it and what would he recommend for others? How did he land the director's role at Caledon libraries?  He managed volunteers, orchestrated exhibit schedule, ran events -- what kind of learning did that involve? what mistakes? 
While I do search my tags, I don't tend to find time to check it for things to do, but I do see my blogger drafts.

So, to be sure my questions would be the best I can ask, if I find an opportunity, I figure:
  1. First I would want to run around and check the Caledon Libraries, 
  2. see and analyse current exhibits. 
  3. Join the group/s perhaps - and from now I should 
  4. document all instances where I see adverts of Caledon Library events. 
  5. Definitely explore the online catalogue and 
  6. read more of what Drinkwater has written.  
  7. Then refine my questions and 
  8. seek an interview
We have a Plan!

We Have A Plan!
by lucyb_22. CC:BY-NC-SA-2.0

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