Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Donating Blood

‘Tis my day for donating blood: must drink plenty of water, and eat proper meals.

Also I don’t want to run late again so I may not get time to finish last night’s posts. Downside: Writing a post still taking a little too long; Upside: That is two more drafts of ideas in my stockpile so I don’t resort to memes just to keep posting.  Just as well I was two posts up for #30postsin30days (an alternative interpretation to #blogeverydayofjune).

Do you donate blood? 

If not, do you know whether you’re eligible?  The Red Cross Blood Bank’s website has a quiz to help you discover that.

Oh, and brilliant, they have Information for Travellers, so I was able to discover which diseases are present/prevalent in USA & Canada and how they would affect my blood donations when I return.


  1. I used to give blood. Then I had a number of "bad stick" episodes and also I'm a slow bleeder so end up filling only half a bag. Which is a shame because I'm a universal donor.

  2. I donate blood every 3 months when the mobile van motors into town.
    It's a very social experience in the little country town.
    The donors all know each other, and the blood bank girls ask about holidays, hatches, matches & despatches!!!
    I feel really good after donating - every drop counts...


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