Monday, November 28, 2011

Citing Web2.0 electronic references in APA style index

Piggyback ;-)
I'm having a ball considering how to cite references from new web media... but the posts are so long (sorry) its a pain to scroll through my APA style citing label, so this post will help me get straight to the one I want.

Citation issues that arise if you assign students online writing tasks:

Please note that better answers than mine below may be available at APA's referencing blog - more on that lower.
Is there some other kind of online source you've wondered how to cite?
If so, Please tell me about it so I can have fun with it too.

Indeed, APA's blogging about referencing is immensely helpful.  The referencing gurus at APA's blog are guiding wonderfully not just through their posts, but in their ongoing responses and explanations through comments.  The first bits I'd recommend woud be:
I'll be back to add links to more specific clarifications of citing electronic sources but one I haven't even considered and now don't need to is:
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