Wednesday, October 22, 2008

why i laugh at work

why i laugh at work
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What else are Jaffas good for?

Have I mentioned that I love my evening hours at the library? Well the hours are great and so are the people I work with.... AND

Ange: makes me laugh; tells me how to do better, gently; listens caringly; shares trustingly; offers wise thoughts; encourages believably. I want to work like Ange.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Playing with 2.0 for professional development

I've contemplated adapting the 23 Things to share the fun with friends and/or fellow library students (particularly delicious and RSS which would be nice and convenient for me :D), and then I think why not just fellow students regardless of course? (Ideas: not time based - just the things; polls for initial self-assessment? ?registration of blogs? questions: how to make pre-blog things interactive; should I stick with Blogger or try to set up a Wordpress?)

Catching up on my bloglines after a week's holiday the idea was reinvigorated by this post: � Blog Archive � Why should libraries be socially networking?

I'm also curious about the time/staff/procedural issues around how libraries begin and maintain library2.0 projects whether it is using blog platforms (like Murdoch Uni library planning) or Flickr or having a Facebook page.

But the time to resolve these thoughts is not yet for me... :D


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