Sunday, April 27, 2008

YouTube Scholar

MEDIA PRAXIS is the Professor who created a course Learning from YouTube (which I found via one of Langwitches links for today: to openculture's guest feature by Alexandra Juhasz, which I'd really like to study from which I want to consider and learn/write/learn... when I have more time!).

I haven't noticed Library2.0 posts about that course yet, though I could have missed it, indeed I'm sure one of the Academic Library2.0 lot would have noticed and mentioned it.

Still I wanted to jot-blog about MEDIA PRAXIS and her course on YouTube because I also think Rach might be interested and I don't think she uses yet for me to 'for:' her, but she might be subscribed to my blog.

So, I haven't made any significant comments on what I'm quite certain would be a very rewarding tour of thought, which is a little embarrassing, but it is time for bed.

No I can't leave it at just text, got to add a photo or video... hmmmmmmmmmm.......

Thursday, April 03, 2008

web design curiosities

Have you seen anywhere the cute little tick grey tick or next to a link indicating you have already viewed it (rather than an alternate colour)?
For example, from Man with no blog (which blog I surfed by today after following one of Kathryn Greenhill's tweets)

Screenshot of Related posts with ticks for visited links

My first guess is that effect might be achieved with CSS - including the tick maybe as a .gif in the style for visited links?

Naturally to share and discuss this piece of cuteness I tried to kwout it first rather than PrintScreen & edit. I say "naturally" because kwouting is so quick and it is a new game for me. However one who understands how kwout works might amend "naturally" with "ignorantly" because whatever kwout is grabbing, it is not precisely what you're seeing.

For example: This that I first tried to kwout but for you to see what I saw (the cute tick next to the Twitter link) I had to cut from a PrintScreen:

manwithnoblog's Twitter Lemmings post

when kwouted looked like this:

Note kwout didn't capture the visited link style (which is fine, that style isn't important to anyone except me), and then I noticed that site colours and images are different too, compare
This cut of screenshot:
how I first saw manwithnoblog

With two of different kwout grabs of the same page:

And another time:

and I haven't been able to get kwout to grab the same kwouted appearance I first saw for that page, but this is the style it had:

Could someone resolve my curiosity about why that happens?


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