Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ning - ?confusion

I'm stumped and I'm fairly sure it is not just because of the hour of night-morning. I've joined another ning network out of curiosity and I'm puzzling through the way ning friends work... I couldn't find a friend's page, or a way to add her to my ning friend list.

The Frequently Asked Questions: Friends says:

• What is the difference between a friend and a member of a network?

Members are specific to a network while the concept of "friends" spans across Ning. It's possible to be friends with someone without being on the same network as them.

Well, duh, of course its possible to be friends with someone and not be in all their network, but I just don't see how that is possible within ning:

That page then also says:

• Who can send me friend requests on Ning?

To protect your privacy, only people who have networks in common with you can send you friend requests.

So tell me again how the concept of "friends" spans across Ning? I guess it must work, and these two statements just appear to conflict each other, but if it does can someone tell me how I add a friend when I don't want to join the network they're in?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Exploring classifying while shelving: Rip Curl

About to reshelve Creating an Australian Icon [videorecording] : The Rip Curl Logo : a graphic communication case study, the DDC on the spine reads 796.1 - but I think ?sporting? what the...? What is the number where logos go? a design number? maybe 741.6?

Last couple of times I had questions for cataloguing their responses were helpful and kind, so I sent this one in too. And once again, a grateful and cheerful note came back: it had been re-classified (although my guess was off) 658.827

What tickled me most about the note though was that Paul challenged me to see why it had been given that DDC number. Grinning with delight that my desire to learn was recognised and encouraged I set out, thinking 658 sounds like a management number... hmmm?... Opening the enticing green, chunky code manual DDC22... sure enough: Management of marketing / Sales promotion / Use of brands and trademarks.

Taking another look at the DVD cover, the jacket did indeed refer specifically to the marketing context over and above the graphic design aspect:

"Provides a unique case study of the marketing achievements of a highly successful, all Australian business. Uses concise interviews, computer graphics, and attractive visual overlay, including excerpts from Rip Curl's own surfing films. Traces the evolution of the company's marketing images, and the important role played by Rip Curl's graphic design team."

I became curious: Which LCSH would apply to such an item? SMB & Libraries Australia agree only on:
Ripcurl. and
Surfing -- Australia -- Management.

Otherwise, at SMB LCSH:
Brand name products -- Australia.

and at Libraries Australia LCSH:
Graphic arts -- Australia -- Case studies.
Marketing -- Australia -- Case studies.

So cool, I do love to learn.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

bookmarked with diigo & 08/10/2007


  • I'm bookmarking this for my boys to find and maybe try.  Would I enjoy it?  Does it have a true range of options - like solar or tidal power farming?  Would I need such feature in a game to be satisfied with it?
     - post by moonflowerdragon


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