Thursday, July 26, 2007

Supreme Chief of All Hospitals

Supreme Chief of All Hospitals
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A very proud gaming moment for me: becoming Supreme Chief of All Hospitals on "Theme Hospital"

"Print Screen" failed to grab a screenshot of this proud moment, so I had to play the end again to take a photo!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blogging to productivity?

Diigo has some work to do on its blog post feature (with which it offers to help one post about a page to one's blog).

First problem:
By providing the link to bookmarked page at the top of the post, to insert my own comments before the link I went through a fiddly process of copying in some non-hypertext. Perhaps they could provide some default plain text preceding the link.

Second problem:
When creating the post at Diigo, while the difference between my annotations (sticky notes) and quotes (highlights) appears relatively clear, I don't see a differentiation between my post and the quoted (highlighted) components from the bookmarked page. Unless this gets fixed, I guess I could just continue to send as a draft ... which is probably a wise and elsewhere-advised move anyway. Having done so and looking at it later, I've tried using Blogger's quote style but it just looks messy now.

Third problem:
In forming this post, snippets I have sticky-noted have jumped ahead of snippets I only highlighted. I think I'll leave that as created so it can hopefully be witnessed.

However, that wasn't why I began blogging today.

Jumping between research for a current assignment, and feed-reading, Library Voice pointed me to Leo Babauta's post at Web Worker. I'm curious how it is going to appear.

10 Ways to be Productive with Your Blog Annotated
Leverage the power of a blog and an online audience — even if it’s just an audience of your friends and family — and become more productive.

1. Post goals.

  • potential conflict with # 3 below: one would need to consider whether a stated goal 'looks good' - post by moonflowerdragon

Once you’ve committed to a goal on your blog, you should also use the blog to report your progress.

  • I see how this might be useful... although there is a risk for procrastinators - what if career-related future readers lack compassion for the value of procrastination? - post by moonflowerdragon

2. Log progress.

3. Networking. The more people who read your blog, of course, the better it can be for networking.
If you’re ever short of ideas, post a question to your readers, asking them for ideas.

  • of course, for success in this you do *need* readers in the first place. - post by moonflowerdragon

4. Ideas.

5. Get help

  • I've certainly seen bloggers express gratitude for help they've received from their readers. Wouldn't I just love to have someone show me exactly how to prepare a consultation plan? - post by moonflowerdragon

7. Crystallize your ideas.

  • I've certainly found this to be the case. Unfortunately (for my posting rate) many times I also crystallize a realisation that I don't really want to reveal my discoveries so publicly. - post by moonflowerdragon

Friday, July 13, 2007

citing a widget?

Another quick post before bed...

According to MyBlogLog someone was googling for___ apa reference widget ___ which somehow turned up one of my posts. I wonder whether they were looking for a widget that somehow creates APA references, or wondering how to cite a widget (though I don't know why one would)?

If you ever stumble by again please let me know which, and what you've discovered?

Social Bookmarking Hack

I began today's diversion thanks to my +Blogger google alert (hoping to learn when if ever it becomes possible to daily post from delicious to Blogger). Today's alert included Palin Ningthoujam's post Automatic daily posting bookmarks to Blogger blogs. Apparently Palin's been waiting for the same feature to be made usable with Blogger. Palin has discovered that a daily posting can be done from Diigo. I've signed up but haven't set up a daily post yet, because my first or second act was to import my delicious bookmarks - I don't know what - maybe just to see what Diigo would do with them (My delicious notes became diigo comments)... but it was a lot of bookmarks and I didn't want them all posted just because they were all new to my Diigo account.

Diigo looks neat, focussing more on shared annotation than just bookmarking offering highlighting and stickies to whatever you select on the page. It even looks at first glance like it might help do what I was wanting between Notebook and blogging.

Somehow I went from that discovery to taking another look at adding social bookmarking buttons to my posts.

I'm very grateful to Hans of Beautiful Beta for his Social Bookmarking Hack

I'd love it if I could put the diigo add tool in line with the rest, but to work that out would steal more time from the assignment I'm supposed to be working on.


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