Friday, December 08, 2006

Commenting at blogs

I'm definitely curious... Twice today I've seen mention of CoComment, and keeping track of one's own comments all over the web is one of those things I thought would be useful when I found interesting posts among 23 Things-ers. I wonder how it works?

Okay, but why am I posting about it when I haven't investigated it yet? Ah... I'm enjoying tracking back how I came to the second mention which was at Cool Cat Teacher Blog: How to comment like a king (or queen!). I tagged that post based upon the first point - because I do value meaningful comments. And only then went on to read the other 6 points (with a mention of CoComment at #4).

I landed at that post courtesy of Susan Ettenheim'sDeveloping Student Dialogue on Blogs: Listen to last week, prepare for this week to which I had scrolled upon scanning Teachers Teaching Teachers which was nominated for Best Group Blog 2006 among the Edublog Awards mentioned to me (thanks to Bloglines) by Peta at Innovate.

Around the same time, I noticed that the FischBowl lists snippets of "recent comments by Karl on other blogs" - which appears to use Hmmmmm.


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