Tuesday, December 21, 2004

NationStates game

Okay GUK & GUF, have you seen this game and mentioned it to me?

I wonder if you are interested how I came upon it? I am finally scrolling through my backlog of emails from unschooling mailing lists [ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UnschoolingDiscussion/]... another mum asked others
"I'm trying to recall the title of a book I read...mmm..about six months ago. The premise was a point in the future in which people were so dependent on corporations that employees took on the last name of the company they worked for (ie: Sheila McDonald's or Timothy Nike). One of the early scenes involves a kid getting killed at the mall over some fancy sneakers or something. I don't recall it in much detail at the minute, but it had an interesting premise that is related to a point I'm trying to make in one of my classes, and someone is wanting to read it if I can recall the name of it. "

(I'll have to check out her blog)

Naturally two or three others identified the title she sought and one pointed to the game. No, I haven't given it a go yet, I don't yet have sufficient online time. But I guessed one or both of my favourite uncles would have either tried it or heard of it?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

catching up, unfortunately resorting to bulk method

Hi everyone

I know receiving an email sent to a bunch of people is not the most desirable way, however most of you may be aware that I have limited computer access these days and I'm finding that one hour at the library is insufficient time to catch up with everyone AND get work done, so I shall have to write one newsy-note at time and send to you all.

I am using the computer at Merry's house. Merry is a breastfeeding counsellor - I met her when I was in training and attended a meeting in Margie's home town.

Merry has been a wonderful support since I moved to town. She has taken me dancing, to an open garden, and now offered her computer for those things I can't seem to get done while at the library.

The boys and I went to Portland Boy's for his birthday - I didn't decide until Thursday. We had a wonderful time and I very much enjoyed talking with H&G over champagne after the party. "Cricket" and H,G&P-B's friend **** were kept playing cricket for almost the whole party, we also had a parachute to play with, H had a baseball theme game like "pin the tail", I took bubbles, we did a wheelbarrow race and generally had a lovely time.

I made sure to catch up with Pixie on the Sunday though I felt torn - wanting to spend as much time as possible with Helen, but also wanting to see Pixie while in Portland. Pixie played piano for me, empathised with my emotional stuff, made lunch and consulted me on ideas for the training review working group.

Yesterday I had my interview with Centrelink - Di put me on to the Pension Education Supplement, a possible grant to help with study and BRACE for help with job application/CV and otherwise seeking financial assistance to get a computer to help with study / returning to work.

I should not linger as my reason for being here is to see if I can retrieve examples of the spreadsheets/databases I created last year to hopefully get RPL for that part of the Use Information Technology unit in the library services course.

I may have mentioned the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Assessor's workshop that I have attended. If my CV is accepted for that I may get some assessing jobs next year. That and some relieving work at the library if I can ever get *that* CV finished I am hoping will fill any gaps between our needs and the combined contribution of parenting payment and child support, as well as generally keeping my hand in for that time when that support will cease.

Now, Cricket and Fish are watching a Land of Dinosaurs video. Cricket had been hoping to watch cricket, expecting it would be televised today but apparently it is not. Fish made a book yesterday (I wish I could scan it for our blog) and is planning more.

Fish swims on Friday with the homeschooling sports group. Cricket's age group had ten pin bowling this term, and next year he can take up lawn bowls, table tennis and basketball if he would like. Which reminds me, on our way home we shall stop at Margie's to make phone inquiries into badminton (which we all miss) and cricket teams.

Now I must go and have a cup of tea - I bought some beetroot dip to try today and I'm fairly sure I'm not enjoying the taste of horseradish!

I love receiving email from each of you. I really hate resorting to a bulk message myself but I hope you will forgive this as a temporary desperate measure until I am again online at home.


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