Thursday, November 04, 2004

Personal welcome to gmail

I wrote to Pen (who I was looking forward to seeing at nvc practice)...

I am feeling a little bereft (the boys are with their dad, and will be with him until Saturday), however I also feel determined to be strong (after a long hard bout of crying last evening) and am now at my second library internet booking, having walked here. I am proud of myself for expending time and effort to save money on petrol and by not having a home line. I am hoping that a side effect may be that I become healthier. We shall see.

I feel regret that I have been a bit of a grizzly bear with the boys over recent days, still expecting them to contribute more than they feel inclined. My growling (a tame description of my behaviour) at them does not meet my need for integrity or respect. This enforced absence inclines me to change my behaviour - I hope I can feel the same when they return.

Much as I am enjoying the process of talking about myself, I am aware of limited time to process my email so I'm going to get back to it.

I hope you enjoy gmail. See you Friday.


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