Saturday, August 30, 2008

On Wikipedia and Academia

I've had this post pinned for a while (well I've included the date in the kwout so you can see how long) because I've been watching commentary on how Wikipedia is used. I may very well want to update this post if I can find the intriguing pages I was reading that examined the apparent founder-supported cabal protecting an apparently strongly biased and potentially misleading set of articles.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

From Sandra's ideas playing to brains crooking

Ah yes, now I pinned this post to commemorate Sandra having introduced me to Crooked Brains, which does indeed consume time if you're not careful. (Sandra's Playing with Ideas hasn't been updated since July 14 but there's usually something interesting at her Lyrics Game. And Sandra also lets us know when she updates her unschooling pages.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

If She Ran the Universe...^OO^

The Happy Villain has a fascinating style and eye-popping experiences in her library. Don't go there if you can't tolerate blue language, or if you prefer people to take a compassionate view. I like that Happy Villain will discuss her own behaviours and expectations as critically as she does others'. As well as amusing me, I also occasionally learn (or at least remember) something. This ebay/bike story pointed out that conflict might not need to be directly confronted (my unfortunate tendency).

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Libraries bridge the digital divide: includes games



Another pair of items I've had pinned for a very long time. I do like ShelfCheck and I love the point made in this miniseries. It also reminds me that the State Library of Victoria includes the videogame and computer game product of Victoria in its duty of protecting Victoria's heritage.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Argh I'll keep this post from Unshelved pinned as a reminder to ensure I keep up with my backup methods. Any photos that are important to me to keep saved I upload to Flickr. Any documents I think I need to keep I email to myself or upload to googledocs. Which reminds me, I've been working on a big assignment for a while... hang on a sec...right, where was I?

Not yet in the need for anything like FolderShare, Time Machine or SuperDuper.

Hm, but my budget tracking spreadsheet is too big for googlespreadsheet so, where's my memory stick? Good.

As to the boys' saved games, they've been advised to consider whether there are any they would feel devastated to lose and a friend will show them how to back those up.

Thanks for the reminder Bill (& Bloglines for pinning & Bill again for the regular comic so every time I read the comic I can catch the pinned post about backing up).


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